To everyone who wishes to study abroad at Ibaraki University


Supporting Materials for International Students On-Campus

These materials are created by the students who took “Studies in Contemporary Japan” in the 4th Quarter, 2019-2020, in order to help international students on campus.
Please help your life at Ibaraki University.

「Studies in Contemporary Japan」(2019年度第4クォーター)を履修する留学生・日本人学生が、茨城大学の留学生の生活をサポートする資料を作成しました。茨城大学での生活に役立ててください。

Food Diversity 食の多様性

This page helps Muslim, vegetarian, and people who have allergies by providing kanji (Chinese characters) of the permissible and prohibited ingredients and restaurants that servers Halal food in Mito.

Bus Information from Mito Station to Mito Campus

This page gives you the information how to get Mito campus from Mito station by bus.

How to enjoy your campus life in Ibaraki University

This booklet gives you the following information:

  • How to use the library
  • How to buy discount tickets from JR
  • How to use the school gym
  • How to join a club
  • How to use dream campus
  • Off-campus
  • •  How to have a member card and shopping
    •  How to use the student card to get a discount
    •  How to buy the transport IC card
    •  Useful apps

Disaster Prevention

This flyer gives you the basic information when the disaster (such as fire, earthquake, heavy rain, & typhoon) happens.

Interesting Must-Visit Places in Ibaraki Prefecture

This brochure gives you good places to visit in Ibaraki. This will help you entertain your stay in Japan!

Guide to Kaikan Life

This guidebook is made for the convenience of the exchange students in Ibaraki University. Details includes instructions on Kaikan (international student dormitory) devices/machinery, helpful information about how to purchase the bus card and where to buy inexpensive drinking water.