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iOP Tutorial: "Let's Make Vietnamese Teaching Materials Based on the Concept of TBLT!”

In the iOP tutorial "Let's Make Vietnamese Teaching Materials Based on the Concept of TBLT!" 3 participants created beginner-level Vietnamese teaching materials based on the concept of Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) with the help of Vietnamese students studying abroad at Ibaraki University.

TBLT is a teaching method that aims to develop learners' communicative competence using the target language through tasks. All of the participants were students who had participated in previous short-term programs in Vietnam, and they created teaching materials based on their own experiences in Vietnam. One of the participants was a student in a Japanese language education program aiming to train Japanese language teachers, while the other two were students in the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Agriculture, whose specialties have nothing to do with language education. However, through the creation of teaching materials, they seemed to have been given an opportunity to think about their own language learning methods.

The teaching materials created by the students will be used by the participants of the short-term program in Vietnam scheduled to be dispatched in February 2024 for their preliminary study.