For International Students

Teacher training course for international students

Teacher training course for international students 2024 (For Distribution)


Teaching and learning based on an individualized tutorial and graduate courses


Outline and characteristics of the course for Teacher Training Students

Characteristics of the program

Our program gives students a weekly tutorial on an individual basis according to their interests, and seminars consisting of a small number of graduate students.


Number of students to be accepted

English language Teaching: 1


Outline of the course

Japanese language education

Attend the six-month Japanese Language Training Course (JLTC) offered at Center for Global Education (CGE) corresponding to student’s Japanese proficiency level. Can also attend the classes of Japanese language and Japanese culture in Liberal Arts. Can attend JLTC continuously after completing the six-month preparatory Japanese education.

Specialized training

① Course style
Can enroll MA courses in lectures, seminars, practice activities, school visits, etc. They have a weekly two-hour tutorial.

② Subjects or courses taught in English
Lectures in graduate courses are conducted in Japanese and English.

Practical training, participatory subjects such as field trips and regional exchanges

Frequent opportunities will be available to trainees to observe and participate in classrooms at the Faculty of Education’s attached schools.


Teaching experiences can be arranged at the attached schools.

Follow-up for graduates

On graduate’s requests, the facility staff will support and counsel on their research by E-mail.


○ Number of rooms

  • Single room: 38(Bldg A, B), 12(Bldg D), 23(Bldg EFGHI)
  • Couple room: 2(Bldg C)
  • Family room: 2(Bldg C)

○ Monthly rent *Advance payment: None

  • Bldg A,B: 5,900yen
  • Bldg DEFGHI: 20,400yen
  • Bldg C: 14,200yen

○ Facilities

Prefabricated bath, kitchen, bed, desk, chair, bookshelf, refrigerator, air conditioner

○ Information for daily life

About 15-minute walk from the university
MEXT scholarship students are given priority for living in a university dormitory. In the unlikely event that no room is available, students need to rent a private apartment near the campus (monthly rents are within the range of 30,000 yen to 35,000 yen).


2-1-1 Bunkyo, Mito City, Ibaraki, 310-8512 Japan
Department: International Exchange Division
Phone: +81-29-228-8056
Fax: +81-29-228-8594
E-mail: StudentExchange01★  (Please replace ★⇒@)