For International Students

Graduate School


To acquire the Japanese language skills required for studying and composing research papers at graduate school


Target students

International students on the Master’s courses at the Ibaraki University Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences



Japanese Language Expression I (1st semester) is held as an elective foundational training course (shared course across graduate schools) on the Master’s course at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences.



Professor AN Yongsu
Kyotsu Kyoiku Building 1, Room 215


Academic year 2023 1st semester

Class course Japanese Language Expression
Day Monday
Length (hours) 2
Credits 2
Type of Course Face-to-Face Course
Teacher Professor AN Yongsu
Contents 1. You will learn techniques for writing reports and dissertations in Japanese required by graduate school.
2. You will learn techniques to write academic texts.
3. Specifically, you will learn about the types of reports and dissertations, how to narrow down themes from initial subjects, how to outline a dissertation, research targets and backgrounds, presenting previous research and summarizing research purposes and actions.