For International Students

Career Support Information

Ibaraki University Career Center

At the Career Center, we provide all students at Ibaraki University, including international students, with various support activities such as basic guidance for job-hunting, corporate seminars and recruitment information. Students can participate in careers consultations at the Mito Campus Career Center and through the persons responsible for students’ careers at the Hitachi and Ami Campuses. See the website below for information on the guidance and aptitude tests provided by the Career Center.

Support from the government

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website provides careers support information for international students.

Employment Service Center for Foreigners

The Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners specializes in careers support for international students. The website below provides useful information such as their ‘job-hunting activities Q&A’ for international students.

Both Osaka and Nagoya have similar services.

Employment Security Bureau (Hello Work)

The Employment Security Bureau (Hello Work) provides consultations and guidance for finding or changing jobs and introduces workplaces to which people are suited or aspire to. For people (graduates) who would like to start work as soon as possible. AForeign Language Service is also available depending on location and time slots.

Hello Work location & map Address TEL Foreign Language Service
1573-1 Suifu-cho, Mito-shi, 310-8509 029-222-4131
1-18-19 Manabe, Tsuchiura-shi, 300-0051 029-822-5124
2-6-2 Wakaba-cho, Hitachi-shi, 317-0063 0294-21-6441 ×

Click here for contact details for other Hello Work locations in Ibaraki Prefecture.