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Japanese Studies Students (NIKKENSEI)

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Japanese Studies Students (NIKKENSEI)

The program is offered to improve both the students’ Japanese communicative competence and the understanding of Japanese culture and way of life through studying with Japanese students and living in Japanese society.


Outline of the Japanese Studies Program

Purpose of the training

Students will deepen their understanding of Japanese society and Japanese culture by enrolling in specialised classes offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
Additionally, students will enhance their Japanese skills through Academic Japanese among other Japanese language classes.



The program is designed to improve the student's communicative competence in Japanese as well as to enrich their understanding of Japanese culture through studying and living among Japanese students. The program is composed of:

Japanese and Japanese Affairs (Center for Global Education): Designed speficially for the student to learn the Japanese language and to understand Japanese society.
Japanese Culture (Liberal Arts): Learning Japanese culture together with Japanese students.
Japan-related courses (the College of Humanities and Social Sciences)


Number of Students Accepted

Two students
・ Embassy recommendation: 1
・ University recommendation: 1


Application Requirements

It is desirable that the applicant has studied Japanese and is capable of following lectures, take part in seminars, as well to read and write reports in Japanese.
(Equivalent to at least N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.)


Program Objectives

The objective of the Japanese Studies Program is for the student to enhance his/her Japanese language proficiency as well as to deepen their understanding about Japan and Japanese culture through coursework as well as through establishing close relationships with Japanese students.


Program Period

From September 21, 2023 to August 31, 2024
Expected date of completion: August 31


Scholarship Period

From October 2023 to August 2024



Late September
: Arrival (In 2021, on 21 September)
: International exchange activities with organizations supporting overseas students and the local community. International Party
: External activity
: External activity
: Field trip to the Kanto or Tohoku area with other overseas students
: Japanese cultural experience (tea ceremony, Kabuki)
: Exchange activity with high school or junior high school students
End of August
: Completion of Program
End of August
: Departure (In 2022, on 31 August)


Completion Requirements

a. Mandatory classes

Students are required to enroll in mandatory Japanese classes offered by the Japanese Studies Program in accordance with their performance on a placement test.

b. Elective classes

Students are required to select classes from the following courses according to their interests and Japanese language skills.
・General Education Courses(includes Academic Japanese)
・Specialized classes offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Students are required to obtain a total of 32 credits from the above courses a and b. Official transcript can be issued upon request.


Program Description

1) Characteristic of Program and courses

Students will enroll in Japanese language courses that correspond to the student’s Japanese level, and will also be provided the option to enroll in classes related to Japanese language and culture, etc as electives.
The academic year is comprised of two semesters: the first semester starts in April and ends in early August, the second semester starts in late September and ends in late February. Each semester runs for sixteen weeks,which also includes one week of examination.

2) Classes offered by the Program

 I) Mandatory

Courses offered by Center for Global Education

Level 4: General(approx. 2 credits): Grammar
Level 4: Speaking (approx. 4 credits): Presentation
Level 4: Kanji(approx. 2 credits): Advanced Kanji
Level 5: General(approx. 2 credits): Grammar
Japanese affairs(approx. 2 credits): Japanese culture and tradition
Japanese Field Studies(approx. 2 credits): Japanese community engagement

Students will be assigned to a language class in accordance with their performance on th placement test. Credits shown above are not recognised as official credits of Ibaraki University.

 Ⅱ) Elective classes

  a. General Education classes

 Academic Japanese I (1 credit): Basic academic Japanese
 Academic Japanese II (1 credit): Advanced level academic Japanese

b. Upon consulting their supervisor, students may enroll in classes offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences if the class is recognised to deepen the students' understanding of Japanese and/or Japanese culture.

3) Activity-based courses that include a study tour, interaction with the local community, etc.

 The following course is included in (I) Compulsory courses.

・Japanese Field Studies

 The following course is offered as an elective course.

・Project Based Learning(PBL) in collaboration with local community:
PBL is a cross-faculty class undertaken primarily through group discussion and activities that aims to resolve a particular issue within the local community.

4)Opportunity to study with Japanese Students

Other than the courses specified under I) Compulsory courses, the student will have the opportunity to choose and enroll in regular courses and study together with Japanese students.


Academic Supporting System

The student will be assigned a faculty member as an academic advisor with a specialization in conjunction with the area of interest of the student. The faculty members of the Center for Global Engagement will also provide support to the student for the duration of his/her stay.
In addition, the student will be paired with a Japanese student tutor who will support him/her adapt to the new environment, in and outside of campus.


The International House

○ Number of rooms

  • Single: 38 (Buildings A, B), 12 (Building D), 23 (Buildings E, F, G, H, I)
  • Couple: 2 (Building C)
  • family: 2 (Building C)

○ Rent (per month) *Advanced payment: None

  • Buildings A, B: 5,900 yen
  • Building D, E, F, G, H, I: 20,400 yen
  • Building C: 14,200 yen

○ Information for daily life and commute time

The maximum period of stay is one year About 15-minute walk from the university

Follow-up after Completion

Upon request, the teaching staff will extend advice and cooperation to the research of the graduates after their completion of the program by email etc.

Contact Office

International Exchange Division
Address: 2-1-1 Bunkyo, Mito City, Ibaraki, 310-8512 Japan
Phone: +81-29-228-8056
Fax: +81-29-228-8594
Email: IOIU★ (Please replace ★⇒@)

the Center for Global Engagement
Ibaraki University