For International Students

How to Apply for Our Exchange Program

How to Apply for Our Exchange Program

If you are studying at one of Ibaraki University's partner universities, you can contact the office of international studies (or its equivalent) at your home institution, and they will be able to supply information about how to apply to Ibaraki University as an exchange student.
Your application must be submitted through the office of international studies at your home institution. Ibaraki University does not accept applications from individual students.

Appling for Our Exchange Program

Exchange Period April-July 2024
April 2024-January 2025
September 2024-January 2025
September 2024-July 2025
Nomination Deadline October 16, 2023 February 16, 2024
Application Deadline October 23, 2023 February 26, 2024
Acceptance Notice Between the mid-February and early March Late August
Eligibility Applicants must meet all of the following conditions
(1) Are full-time undergraduate/graduate students at the home institution
(2) Demonstrate excellent academic performance and personal integrity
(3) Do not intend to obtain a degree at Ibaraki University
(4) Have a clear purpose and plan for studying abroad with the aim of benefiting from studying in Japan
(5) Registered as full-time students at the partner university during the period of study in Japan, and will return to the home university for remaining courses and graduation after completing studies at Ibaraki University
Application forms and documents Format
Nominations from your institution
1 (Form 1) “Nomination of the Applicants for IU Exchange Program” PDF
Application document for each nominee (per applicant)
2 (Form 2) “Application Form for IU Exchange Program” Excel ⁄ PDF
3 (Form 3) “Certificate of Enrollment of the Applicant for IU Exchange Program” PDF
4 (Form 4) “Study plan in Japan” Word ⁄ PDF
5 (Form 5) “Health Certificate of an International Student for IU” PDF
6 Documents showing that funds are available for living expenses during the entire period of the student’s exchange program:
・Monthly amount required is approximately 60,000 JPY. The sum of (a. + b. + c. should be more than the corresponding total amount during the stay in Japan.
・The total amount in a submitted document such as certificate of annual income or bank balance certificate must be equal to or more than the amount stated in “(Form 6) Letter of Financial Support”.
* We may ask you at a later date to submit original copies of documents or additional supporting documents in cases pursuant to a request from the Japanese Immigration Bureau.
a. If a student is financially supported by someone who is employed
(Form 6) Letter of Financial Support
(Attachment A–a) Certificate of supporter’s annual income
(Attachment A–b) Certificate of supporter’s bank balance
b. If a student is financially supported by someone who is not employed
(Form 6) Letter of Financial Support
(Attachment B) Certificate of supporter’s bank balance
c. If a student pays expenses on his/her own
(Attachment C–a) Certificate of student’s bank balance
(Attachment C–b) Notification to provide scholarship or financial aid during entire period of stay in Japan
7 Academic transcript PDF
8 Photocopy of passport (page with face photo and information)
*If you have previously been to Japan, submit the page showing your latest immigration history as well.

Face photograph image data (JPG/PNG)
*To be used for both student ID card and CoE.

・Photo of applicant only
・Has the required dimensions
・Subject is facing forward and not wearing a hat
・Nothing in the background (including shadows)
・Photo is clear
・Photo must be taken within three months of the date of submission

【Reference: Immigration Services Agency of Japan web page
10 (If available) Copy of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) certification
*N2 level or higher is necessary for Program II applicants
  • The number of applicants should be no more than that stated in the agreement.
  • Japanese or English translation of the materials is necessary in the case that they are written in another language. Any material in another language must be submitted along with a Japanese or English translation.
  • All forms must be filled out completely and correctly, in block letters. Typed text is preferred, except for the signature.
  • Insufficient or late materials cannot be accepted.
  • In the course of the application procedure, additional supporting documents may be required.
  • Generally, coordinators of respective universities arrange and send all application documents and forms by email. However, if the coordinator allows, we will also accept materials, except Form 1, directly from an officially nominated applicant.
  • All materials should be submitted as electronic data attached to an email.
    Please password protect the materials if necessary. There is no need to send the original files by post.

    ・For application document #2 (Form 2), please send both a scanned copy with signature and the excel file.
    ・For application document #6, you may be asked at a later date to send the original documents or additional supporting documents, pursuant to a request by the Japanese Immigration Bureau. Submitted materials will not be returned to applicants.