For International Students

Dormitory Information

International House for Foreign Students

Housing for international students in available in the Mito, Hitachi and Ami campuses.


Mito Campus

Type No. of rooms Board (monthly amount)
Single room (Buildings A, B) 38 5,900 yen
Single room (Building D,E,F,G,H,I) 35 20,400 yen
Double room (Buildings C) 2 14,200 yen
Family room (Buildings C) 2 14,200 yen


Hitachi Campus

Type No. of rooms Board (monthly amount)
Single room 11 5,900 yen
Double room 2 11,900 yen
Family room 1 14,200 yen


Ami Campus

Type No. of rooms Board (monthly amount)
Single room 20 12,000 yen

Private housing

When renting private housing, you should consider rent, apartment size, distance to campus and access by public transport as well as the surrounding environment. There are also many cases in which monthly maintenance fees (management fees) are required in addition to rent so please make sure to check your contract carefully before signing it. Apartments are generally unfurnished and do not have basic appliances installed. It should be noted that, in Japan, it is the general rule that a deposit (guarantee), key money (premium) and intermediary fees (when using an estate agent) and so on are required and rent is paid in advance. For this reason, it will be necessary to have around 4 – 6 months’ worth of rent available. The person in charge of international students at your college can provide information about apartments in the Hitachi and Ami campuses. For the Mito campus, contact the Student Life Division of Student Affairs Department.

※Ibaraki University offers a joint surety system (institution guarantee system) pertaining to rental agreements for apartments on the condition that international students subscribe to Japan Educational Exchanges and Services Comprehensive Renters Insurance for Foreign Students studying in Japan.