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Online Origami workshop & Introduction on Ibaraki University Exchange Program(Saturday, December 2)

An online origami workshop was held on Saturday, December 2. 51 students, staff, and faculty members of our partner institutions participated in the workshop on Zoom and folded several shapes, such as moving fish and penguin under the guidance of expert of Japan Origami Association. At the end of the workshop, we had a lively Q&A session with the expert.

An information session on Ibaraki University Student Exchange Program followed the workshop. After the introduction of the program, current exchange students shared their experiences with the participants in breakout rooms. Our faculty members also answered questions from the participants.

We received lots of positive comments from the participants.
“It's educating! We had so much fun! It's also relaxing to sit and talk, folding origami as we relax in the evening.”
“Very satisfied because it shares how to make characters from origami and shows what can be made from origami paper.”