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Learning Support Activities for Children with Foreign Roots @ Ami (Thursday, December 14)

As a new attempt of community contribution activities this year, we have conducted learning support activities for children with foreign roots in Ami Town in cooperation with the Community Support and Coproduction Division at Ami Town and the Ami International Exchange Association. 6 children with foreign roots in Ami Town have been provided with learning support activities every Thursday from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. since September 28, Eight third-year students from Ibaraki University (four from the College of Education, three from the College of Agriculture, and one from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences) worked with the children. In the activities, Ibaraki University students first helped the children with homework and reading aloud. Then, they learned Japanese while playing games for language learning.

Thursday, December 14 was the last of the 10 sessions. After doing homework and reading aloud as usual, we played a game prepared by Ibaraki University students as a final fun activity. In the game, the children had to find an envelope with a directive written on it and carry out six tasks according to the instructions of the directive.

The children looked forward to participating in this activity each time, and it was highly appreciated by parents and school teachers, making it a learning experience for the students who led the activities.

This event is organized as a part of the “Community Support Project” sponsored by the Social Collaboration Center, Ibaraki University.