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Classroom Collaboration with Katsuta Secondary School (2)-Level 4 (General) Class, Japanese Langauge Training Course (Wednesday,December 20)

9 international students enrolled in Level 4 (General) of the Japanese Language Training Course and 37 third-year students enrolled in the Future Exploration Global Seminar at Katsuta Secondary School in Hitachinaka City have been working on a project to discuss an ideal junior high school for children from diverse backgrounds.

On Wednesday, December 20 , international students from Ibaraki University visited Katsuta Secondary School to listen to presentations prepared by students from Katsuta Secondary School on the Japanese educational system, Katsuta Secondary School, and how schools in Japan accept children from diverse backgrounds. It was impressive to see the students from Katsuta Secondary School making use of "simplified Japanese," which they had studied before this activity began, to make their presentations easy for the international students to understand. International students also commented, "the presentation was great," and "I could understand the Japanese education system better. In January, the students will work in groups to discuss the ideal middle school for children with diverse backgrounds and what needs to be done to make Katsuta Secondary School such an ideal school in 10 years, and summarize their discussions in the forms of presentations!