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Japanese Field Study B Zazen experience(Tuesday,December 12th)

On Tuesday, December 12, 13 international students participated in Tatami-making and Zazen experience as part of the Japan Experience B class. In advance training, students studied the history and basic knowledge of tatami making and zazen, and on the day of the tour, they experienced tatami making at Sekikawa's tatami store, toured the factory, and experienced zazen at Gion-ji Temple.
The following comments were made in the post-program reports submitted by the participating students.

I enjoyed creating Tatami a lot. I think the technology of Tatami making is impressive.
We learned the different ways of how to make Tatami and the materials they use. Everything was new and interesting.

The time spent facing myself in zazen was a good opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern society and find inner peace.