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Learning Support Activities for Children with Foreign Roots @ Hitachinaka (Wednesday, December 27)

On Wednesday, December 27, in cooperation with the Hitachinaka International Exchange Association, we conducted educational support activities for international children in Hitachinaka City. 12 students from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the College of Education participated, along with 10 elementary school children with foreign roots from Hitachinaka City.

In the morning our students helped the children with their winter break homework, and in the afternoon they played karuta, made button spinners, made kagami mochi (New Year's decoration), did fukuwarai, and did tonton sumo!

It was impressive to see the children having so much fun with these activities! Furthermore, they really seemed to enjoy studying with the university students, saying "I want to do more homework!" 
We'll have a similar activity again during spring break in March!