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Collaborative Practice with Haiphong University, Vietnam - Cultural Experience Activities for Children in Haiphong City(Saturday,January 20)

On Saturday, January 20, 2024, 4 students enrolled in "Japanese Pedagogy I" class of the Japanese Language Education Program collaborated with students from Haiphong University to hold a Japanese language and culture experience event for elementary school students studying Japanese language in Haiphong City, Vietnam. Nearly 50 elementary school students participated in the event. The local students gathered face-to-face to experience cultural experiences such as furoshiki (wrapping cloth), tonton-sumo (sumo wrestling), and fukuwarai. As the first ice-breaker activity, students from Ibaraki University conducted online activities of the waraben song "Nabe soko nuke" and Doraemon's picture-painting song.

It was impressive to see the children enjoying the activities, and after the event, there were many requests for Ibaraki University students to come again.

Next week, other students taking "Japanese Pedagogy I" class will conduct activities, this time with junior high school students in Haiphong City!