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Classroom Collaboration with Katsuta Secondary School (6)-Level 4 (General) Class, Japanese Langauge Training Course (Wednesday,January 24)

9 international students enrolled in Level 4 (General) of the Japanese Language Training Course and 37 third-year students enrolled in the Future Exploration Global Seminar at Katsuta Secondary School in Hitachinaka City have been working on a project to discuss an ideal junior high school for children from diverse backgrounds.

On Wednesday,January 24 , each group gave a presentation on the ideal middle school for children with diverse backgrounds, and what needs to be done to make Katsuta Secondary School such a school 10 years from now.

The presentations by all groups were very well thought out, and all of them were things that we would like to see realized. Next week will be the final session of this activity. We will review our activities!