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Departure of "Short-term Study Abroad Program in Vietnam"(Wednesday,February 21)

17 students departed for Vietnam early in the morning of Wednesday, February 21.

The 17 students participating in this program will stay in Haiphong City, Vietnam for two weeks, and through visits to local Japanese companies, Japanese language schools, and organizations that send out foreign technical interns, as well as lectures provided by Haiphong University, they will attempt to understand how Japanese companies, the Japanese language, and Japanese culture are affecting the revitalization of local cities overseas.

In order to participate in the revitalization of Haiphong City through Japanese language and culture, participating students will hold a Japanese culture experience event for children in Haiphong City on Sunday, March 3 at the AEON Mall in Haiphong, in cooperation with students who are studying to become Japanese language teachers at Haiphong University.

During their stay in the area, the participating students will each decide on a theme and write a report.
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Please enjoy the real voices of the students participating in this program from Vietnam!