Introduction of Global Education Center

About the Center for Global Engagement

Purpose of establishment

In 2017, the International Student Center became the Center for Global Engagement. It provides guidance and advice for international students on education, studying at the university and everyday life in addition to global education including overseas study and training. Further, as an open organisation, it plays a role in promoting international exchange in the community based on cooperation with other universities within the prefecture, companies, regional public organisations and international exchange groups.

Details of activities

Japanese language teacher education program

This program aims to equip students with the specialist knowledge and skills required to be a teacher of Japanese as a foreign language. Undergraduate students at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the College of Education can enrol on this program.

Japanese language / the current situation in Japan

General education courses in Japanese language and about Japan are held for international undergraduate students.

Japanese language training courses

At the Mito Campus, Japanese language training courses are held for international students at the university. Students can take courses depending on their level: beginners (level 1), beginners (level 2), intermediate I (level 3), intermediate II (level 4, advanced (level 5).

Preparation for graduate school

Intensive 1 semester course in the Japanese language required for admission to graduate school mainly for state-funded international students (international research students).

Japan Korea Joint Exchange Program for Science, Engineering and Agricultural Students

The Japan Korea Joint Exchange Program for Science, Engineering and Agricultural Students is a project for international students that began in the year 2000 as part of promoting cultural interaction between Japan and Korea. Students on this program receive preparatory education in courses on the Japanese language required to study at university and in specialist fields for one semester before they start at their College.

Extra-curricular supplementary Japanese language classes

In addition to the classes at the Mito Campus, the Hitachi and Ami Campuses offer supplementary Japanese language courses.

Classes studying with international students

We offer classes in which you can study with international students. In addition to classes in Japanese, there are also classes in English. Courses in English are not for learning the English language but for studying a major course in English. You can learn about Japanese society and cultures along with international students.

Guidance / advice for international students

If international students studying at the university have any worries about studying, further education or daily life, they are provided with suitable guidance and advice and supported towards a solution.

Provision of information for students who wish to study overseas

We provide consultations and guidance as well as documentation about overseas study for students who are interested.

Promotion of interaction with international students

We promote agreements related to student interaction with overseas universities and so on and work on receiving and dispatching students smoothly. We also cooperate with local international exchange and volunteer groups to promote international exchange both within and outside the university as well as providing back-up for international students so that they can have an even more fulfilling life in Japan.

Global education study and research

We work on Japanese language education for international students, receive international students and issues face by Japanese students studying overseas and study and research problems experienced after starting at university.