Students’introduction of life and tourism in Ibaraki

Introduction of restaurants in Ibaraki and Hai Phong City

In Summer of 2021, Ibaraki University and Hai Phong University (Vietnam) provided global cooperative education using the method of COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) as part of exchange activities between 2 universities.
The actual practice was called “Japan-Vietnam Online international exchange learning project”, and 11 students from Ibaraki University and 14 students from Hai Phong University joined.


In the project, students were divided into groups to make web articles about restaurants in the Ibaraki prefecture and Hai Phong city. Students from each school discussed and decided interviewees together. In Vietnam, students visited the restaurant with a computer and a camera, so that Japanese students could see it online.

On the other hand, due to COVOD-19 students were unable to do the interviews.
Faculty and staff of Ibaraki University went to the restaurants to do the interviews instead of the students. The interviews were streaming online so students could ask questions in real time.

Here are the web articles that the students have made.

Restaurants in Hai Phong City

Recommended restaurants and sightseeing spots in Ibaraki

It is hard to travel beyond the borders because of the COVID-19 pandemic, however we hope you can understand the nature of Vietnam and Ibaraki through this online article.